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Lady Gaga as a Bridesmaid

Lady Gaga has been living it up in New Orleans to celebrate her best friend’s wedding, which took place on Friday, Mar. 20. She wore a floor-length violet dress to the Big Easy nuptials. Gaga has been sharing photos leading up to the big day. “Watching your best friend get married, these are the specialist times in my life. Seeing happiness in the lives of all my friends,” the 27-year-old captioned a photo of her pink high heels on Mar. 18. Gaga will soon be walking down the aisle herself. Longtime beau and Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney popped the question on Valentine’s Day. Get the full story here.

Taylor Swift is Buying Up More Sex-Related Domain Names

Last month, Taylor Swift’s people bought up some Internet addresses with her name in them, so nobody else could get to them first.  One was a rather graphic, porn-related domain name.  And she just bought some more. Starting June 1st, two new domain suffixes will be available to the public: .porn and .adult.  But certain people and companies, especially those with trademarked brands, are being given first dibs. So Taylor’s people scooped up and before anyone else could. Microsoft got in on the early action too.  They bought up and Get the full story here.

Rob Kardashian Compares His Sister Kim to a Psychotic Killer

Rob Kardashian took a shot at his sister Kim on Instagram. He posted a picture of a blood-covered Rosamund Pike from “Gone Girl”, and captioned it, quote, “This is my sister Kim, the [B-word] from Gone Girl.”  He got rid of all his other posts, so it’s the only thing on his account. (If you haven’t seen the movie, Rosamund’s character in “Gone Girl” was pretty evil, and her misdeeds included murder.) Meanwhile, Khloe says Rob is, quote, “not at his happiest place” right now, and has become “very introverted and has a kind of social anxiety.” Get the full story here.

Verne Troyer Had a Seizure at a Convention, But He’s Ok

The great Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer had a seizure on Saturday while he was signing autographs at the Heart of Texas Comic Con in Waco.  He was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, but he’s fine. His rep said all his tests came back normal, and Verne himself posted a video from his hotel room Saturday night, saying he’d be back at the convention on Sunday. He also Tweeted, quote, “Everything’s ok guys.  Thanks for the concern.”  Verne is 46 years old. Get the full story here.

Jamie Foxx Says He and Katie Holmes Are Just Friends

The paparazzi hit up Jamie Foxx about those Katie Holmes rumors, and he denied them.  He said, quote, “Oh come on, you guys have been trying to get that to stick for three years.” He added that they’re just friends, and they’re working on an “animation project” that was just offered to them by the creator of “CSI”. Get the full story here.

Scott Disick Leaves Rehab After One Week

Scott Disick has decided he’s too busy to stay locked down in rehab, TMZ reports he’s bailing on the facility in Costa Rica. Sources say Disick had actually booked a flight Saturday to LA but he didn’t get on the plane. Scott entered a rehab facility in Costa Rica last Monday, where he was undergoing an intensive therapy involving the African psychedelic shrub Iboga. Disick’s people told TMZ that he decided not to take that flight but will leave that facility Monday because he has too much business in LA to deal with. As for why he didn’t get on the plane Saturday, he wanted to complete a full week of treatment before bailing. The normal length of treatment is 21 days. Scott has the option to return for more treatment when he is ready. Get the full story here.

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