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Taylor Swift Plays Santa, Surprises Young Fan

The “Blank Space” singer paid a surprise visit to a fan in North Haven, Connecticut, with some gifts for her son. According to Billboard, Stephanie Barnett and Swift met on social media years ago and stayed in touch. Now Taylor Swift decided to make the relationship more personal by paying a visit to the mom and her 2-year old son, Leyton. Get the full story here.

Johnny Depp’s Especially Weird and Probably Drunk Appearance at the Hollywood Film Awards

Johnny Depp was at the Hollywood Film Awards over the weekend, and when he got to the podium, he seemed wasted.  He started off by commenting on the “weirdest microphone” he’d ever seen slurred his way through the entire speech and had trouble standing straight on his own. Get the full story here.

Check Out the New Version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” Benefitting Ebola

The new version of the charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was recorded over the weekend.  It’s for Ebola this time.  Participants included Bono, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, Sam Smith, and Robert Plant. Get the full story here.

Jose Canseco’s Finger Fell Off During a Poker Tournament

Jose Canseco’s reattached finger didn’t stay reattached for long.  On Friday he Tweeted, quote, “I was playing in a poker tournament last night and my finger fell off.  Someone took a video of it.” He added, quote, “My finger should have been amputated from the beginning.  It was very loose with no bone to connect it.  It was also smelling really bad.” Get the full story here.

Jennifer Lawrence Flubs Her Lines During Woody Harrelson’s SNL Monologue

Woody Harrelson hosted “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, and his co-stars from the “Hunger Games” movies crashed his monologue. But Jennifer Lawrence completely butchered most of her lines. Get the full story here.

Solange Knowles Married Alan Ferguson in New Orleans Wedding

Solange Knowles married her video director fiance Alan Ferguson in New Orleans on Sunday, Nov. 16, Us Weekly can confirm. The 28-year-old DJ and Ferguson, 51, were feted by a close-knit group of friends and family, including the bride’s big sister Beyonce, brother-in-law Jay Z, and mom Tina Knowles. Get the full story here.


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