Florida Town Warned of ‘Extreme Zombie Activity’

We’ve all thought about what we’d do in the zombie apocalypse

Some of us would run and hid. Some of us would pick-up and fight. I on the other hand, would probably just lock myself in a hot car. I’m not a survivor. 

Earlier this week residents in  Lake Worth, Florida had to actually consider what they would do in this situation. An alert was sent to residents during a power outage warning of “extreme zombie activity” in the cities of “Lake Worth and Terminus.” Terminus, of course, a reference to a city in The Walking Dead.

According to the Palm Beach Post, city officials quickly responded to the post. 

“We are looking into reports that the system mentioned zombies. I want to reiterate that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently and apologize for the system message.”

So why exactly did 8,000 people receive this alert? Sure, it could be a joke. But I have a theory.

It’s possible that this is a template from a training exercise. Many agencies have created a “zombie protocol” plan as a way to get the public interested in emergency preparedness. Even the Centers for Disease Control has a zombie protocol page on their site. 

It’s very possible that the city was playing around with the zombie idea during a training exercise on their emergency alert system, forgot to delete the template, and accidentally sent this one out instead of the power outage one. Or, again, it could be one big joke. This is Florida after all. 

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