Freebies and Relief For Utah Government Employees

With the longest government shutdown in history affecting so many Utahns, we’ve gathered all the info for relief and freebies.

  1. Banks:  Banks are stepping up in a major way to help their patrons deal with the lack of income.  Many are offering some sort of financial assistance.  From low-rate quick loans to hardship programs to some even offering to skip payments.  Call your banks and credit cards.  They may have a solution for you so you don’t have to deal with late fees and head aches.

  2. Cell Phone Providers:  All of the major carriers are offering help.  AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, Verizon and more will help you with late payments and more.  Again, call your provider and ask.  Most likely, they already have a program in place for relief.

  3. Food Banks:  They are there to help people of all circumstances.  They will not turn you away when it comes to feeding your family.  With that being said, if you are wondering if there’s anything YOU can do to help, the Food Banks are in need of your donations.  The demand has increased.

  4. Rosetta Stone:  Employees that are finding themselves bored at home can take advantage of a free 3 month membership!

  5. Great Harvest Bread Company:  Offering families a free loaf of their famous bread!

  6. Zoos, Museums:  Usually the first thing that gets cut from the list in hardship is the fun activities.  Utah’s Hogle Zoo will allow government and their families free admission.  Various museums around town are offering free admission as well.

  7. Fazzoli’s:  Enjoy a free Pizza Baked Spaghetti!

  8. Community Connections Center in Northern Utah:  Bring proof of government employment and they will give you a free cart full of groceries twice a month.

  9. Ogden’s Ziegfeld Theater:  Free date night!  Again, when financial whoas set in, we don’t get to get out and enjoy the fun stuff.  Ziegfeld’s is offering 2 tickets to “School of Rock” and bucket of popcorn!

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