Halloween Eve | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras Oct. 30th

Jon asks if he’s a bad parent, Justin shares a very touching ghost story, and Jackson is still obsessed with the Lizardman.

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Show Extras

Beanie Baby Prostitute
Jackson’s Choose the News story was about a woman of the night who offered her services in exchange for a Beanie Baby. Which, of course, is ridiculous. OR IS IT?! Here are just a few of the most expensive Beanie Babies on Ebay right now.

Iggy, Claude, and Pinchers

Each released in the 90’s during the Beanie Baby boom, tags still attached, these are considered treasures amongst collectors. And they can be all yours… For $40,745.00


Hippity is a mess. Here are a few of it’s imperfections as written by seller fastdogtown76:

The right eye is lower and sucked in and much closer to the nose then the left.
The nose is off with no real defined line to the right eye.
The left whisker is much lower then the right and almost half the distance away from the nose compared to the right one.
Original is spelled ORIGIINAL
Surface is spelled Suface
There is a ; instead of a : after date of birth

But apparently the more flawed they are, the more desirable. This Hippity is listed at $32,450.00


Princess Diana

The Princess Diana BB appears to be the most rare and sought-after piece in the TY world. This set of three is currently going for $652,200


Weirdest Trick or Treat
We asked you to tell us about your weirdest Trick-or-Treat scores. Here are a couple of our favorites




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