When you see the trailer for Happy Death Day, the general sense you get is “Groundhog Day but with murder.” But it’s so much more than that.

It’s true that the film’s plot is reminiscent of the Bill Murray classic (don’t worry, it’s addressed). The main character, Theresa (Tree for short), lives the same day over and over again. At the end of the day? She gets murdered. That being said, the language is relatively clean for the genre and gore is kept to a minimum. It certainly toed the line with its PG-13 rating; After all, you see her get murdered about a half-dozen times. Which is alarming no matter how clean it’s kept.


Overall, I was pleased with the actors’ performances and the depth of the story. Tree is a complex character battling the same issues we all do in our 20’s. Dating, family stress, getting decent grades, finding our place in the world… All of this balances well with the suspense/thriller/horror vibe. I’ll give it a 4.5/5 and highly recommend it for horror/thriller buffs.

now for the twist

As I was researching the the movie for this review, I found out something very interesting. Happy Death Day was directed directed by Christopher B Landon. He has several horror/suspense titles to his name such as Disturbia starring Shia LaBeouf and several of the Paranormal Activity films…. OH, AND HE’S SMOKING HOT!!




can you even believe it’s legal to put this man behind a Camera?

here he is with is husband and their baby and it’s so beautiful i want to rip my eyes out

My boys. #summer #babyboy #beau

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the more time I spend creeping 0n his insta, the more I fall in love with him

I do all the work and he does this. #adogslife #happyfriday #writersofinstagram

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why isn’t the camera pointing the other way?!?!

The really sick thing is that Christopher is FOURTY TWO YEARS OLD! It doesn’t even make sense because these arms clearly belong to a 24-year-old

A few drinks later… #L4ND0N #drunkfashion #deervalley

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But I guess that’s what happens when your dad was on Little House on the PrairiePrairie money is the answer to eternal youth.


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