Help Our Friend Bryce Astill – UPDATE


From Bryce’s GoFundMe page:

Bryce has settled in nicely in SLC. There has been an amazing effort by friends and family to put some meat back on his bones. He still has a long way to go but Bryce is forcing himself to comply with the endless requests that he eat more baked goods. Must be rough. Although Bryce is showing signs of improvement, he is still tired and fatigues quickly. He was super excited to complete a walking lap around Sugarhouse Park last week. Ultra runners beware! He is coming for your titles!

This weekend Bryce has been cleared to attend the H1 N Run Event in his honor! The run will be held at Rotary Glen Park at 1pm and will be followed by a welcome home party, picnic. For more specific information on the event please go to the Bryce Astill Medical Fund page via Facebook or shoot us an email.

We cannot wait to see you there! Thank you for bringing this man home safe.


35-year-old Bryce Astill is a friend of ours here at Mix 107.9, he’s truly an amazing guy.

Unfortunately while traveling in Peru, Bryce became ill. He was hospitalized with flu like symptoms, that quickly deteriorated to pneumonia and pulmonary edema. His health took a turn for the worst and he ended up in the ICU in Peru.

Keeping Bryce in the Peruvian ICU is costing the family $5000 a day, money they just don’t have. So we’re turning to you, our loyal listeners and friends. Please help us get Bryce the medical care he needs. Any donation will help, no amount is too small.

His family is terrified, no one wants to see a loved one in the hospital, especially in a 3rd world hospital.

Bryce an amazing man, and friend. He has overcome a heroin addiction, and went on to start his own business; Urban High Rise Window Cleaners. You’ve probably seen them hanging off many downtown buildings!

He never forgot his struggle with addiction, and he mentors those trying to recover themselves.

He’s also a Ultra Marathon Runner, any race over 26.2 miles is considered Ultra. So you could say Bryce is Ultra awesome!

Here’s the timeline of his illness:

Feb 16th  Bryce began experiencing cold like symptoms.

Feb 19th Byrce was admitted to hospital with pneumonia and pulmonary edema.

Feb 24th Bryce was moved to ICU , and 2 family members are on their way to Peru

Feb 25th Bryce was transported to private clinica.

Feb 26th Bryce started showing signs of renal failure. He wasn’t responding to antibiotics, so doctors sedated and intubated him, just 2 hours before his family arrived.

Feb 27th The clinica has exhausted all their resources, and can no longer help Bryce, it was a risk, but he was sent on a dangerous 8 hour ambulance transport to a bigger hospital in Lima.

Feb 28th They arrive at Private hospital in Lima. At this point, Bryce is dying, thankfully the hospital wass able to stabilize him, though he remains in Critical condition. He’s sedated and on a ventilator while they do labs and tests to find a way to treat him.

Bryce’s family has already spent $16,000 dollars on medical costs, each day in ICU costs roughly $5000.

Back home, the whole community rooting for him. We just want to get him well and bring him home.

If you want to help, please consider a donation:

You can donate directly, this is helpful because the funds are immediately available, or you can head to the GoFundMe account.

The family has set up the Bryce Astill Charitable Account at America First credit union:
You can deposit funds at any America First location.
Or you may send a check to America First Credit Union. P.O. box 9199, Ogden Utah 84409
You can donate by phone:  1-800-999-3961, ask for member services.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this plea, and if you can’t send money, send thoughts and prayers. We need Bryce to come home.

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