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Hogle Zoo Searching For Escaped Cat

Utah’s Hogle Zoo employees are searching for Mushu, a 10-month-old Pallas Cat who was dicsovered missing on Sunday.

At an 8:00 am enclosure check, keepers discovered Mushu had escaped and they suspect he might have climbed past anti-climb barriers and through the mesh at the top of his exhibit.

According to KSL, who interviewed Hogle Zoo spokeswoman Erica Hansen,  “zoo officials stress Mushu isn’t dangerous (as he’s smaller than most domesticated cats) and they suspect he probably hasn’t left zoo grounds, but the zoo has called all hands on deck to find and safely recapture the 8-pound cat.”

Two days before the escape, Mushu had been separated from his brother, Pabu, because mushu had begun showing signs of aggression toward him.

Hansen also stated that Mushu is probably still on zoo grounds and it’s unlikely a member of the public would come across him. “[Pallas cats are] extremely elusive and tend to hunker down, making them difficult to spot.” However, if you see an unusual-looking cat with a flat ears, gray fur and yellow eyes,alert zoo officials at 801-584-4512.

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