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Jennifer Lopez’s Interview with W Magazine Included a Dramatic Reading

Jennifer Lopez says she knew her marriage to Marc Anthony was bad from the get-go, but she stuck it out anyway. She told “W” magazine, quote, “I hung in there for seven years. I knew very quickly that it wasn’t the right thing.” She also said that keeping things cool with Marc for the sake of their kids is, quote, “by far the hardest work I do.” Jennifer calls herself “a relationship kind of girl,” which is probably why she’s still with Casper Smart. She says, quote, “I still think about getting married and having that long life with someone. “I love the movie ‘The Notebook’. A dream of mine is to grow old with someone.”

Meanwhile, “W” also had J-Lo give a dramatic reading of a song that she actually helped inspire, “Baby Got Back”.

Is Drew Barrymore Pregnant?

Drew Barrymore announced last week that she and her husband Will Kopelman are getting divorced after three years of marriage. And now the “Star” says she could be up to six months pregnant, but Will is not the father. Supposedly, Drew and Will haven’t been intimate in over a year, so it’s got to be somebody else’s, but there’s no word whose. A rep says it’s not true. Meanwhile, the “New York Post” says Drew read a chapter from her 2015 book “Wildflower” at a charity event the other day, but she skipped all the parts that mentioned Will. Get more here.

Flea’s Bass Version of the National Anthem Didn’t Impress

Last night was Kobe Bryant’s last game NBA game ever, it was against the Jazz and we lost hard. Kobe scored a whooping 60 points! But before all that happened, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed the National Anthem. He didn’t sing it though, he played it on the bass. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, but the internet tore it apart. Listen for yourself:

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The “Men in Black” Meets “Jump Street” Crossover Is Happening

Yes, it’s real: The “Men in Black” / “Jump Street” crossover movie is happening. It even has a title: “MIB 23”. This is the follow-up to “22 Jump Street”, so that’s where the “23” comes from. We really don’t know anything about this movie yet, except that Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are expected to be in it, but Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not. Get more here.

The People Behind “Sharknado” Are Making a Crazy Elvis TV Movie

The people behind the “Sharknado” movies are working on another insane TV movie. It’s called “Elvis Lives!”, and the premise is that Elvis didn’t die in 1977 , he just began another career as a crime fighter. The description of the movie is pretty vague: Elvis hits rock bottom, he’s losing his voice, he’s addicted to drugs, and now he wants to get his life back on track. But before he can, he somehow “helps the cops bring down a powerful crime syndicate, putting his family in danger, and sending him on a journey that will change his life forever.”They’re calling it a “conspiracy thriller,” but obviously it’s a total joke. The studio says, quote, “With ‘Elvis Lives!’ we intend to do for the life of Elvis what ‘Sharknado’ did for flying sharks.” It’ll air on AXS TV, but there’s no premiere date yet. Get more here.


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