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Rita Ora and Katy Perry Wore ‘Not Becky’ Pins to Met Gala After Party

The internet’s obsession with “Becky with the good hair” hasn’t abated. People are speculating left and right as to who the homewrecker might be. People thought it was Rachel Roy, then it was Rita Ora, even Katy Perry has been mentioned. Beyonce is laughing all the way to the banks with this one! At the Met Gala on Monday, all the suspected “Beckys” were there. Rita Ora even took a selfie with Bey to prove they’re friends and she’s no Becky. Then came the after party, and out came the hilarious “Not Becky” pins. Rita and Katy both rocked the badge, as well as several other ladies. Get more here.

Justin Bieber Could Lose $100,000 Because He Can’t Handle a Beer Bong

Some guy named Robert Earl Morgan is suing Justin Bieber for allegedly destroying his phone at a nightclub in Houston last month. It all started when Justin decided to try out a beer bong. He failed big-time, and got beer all over his face and clothes. Of course, he did NOT laugh it off. Instead, he saw that Robert had filmed the whole thing, and he flipped out. He grabbed the phone and smashed it on the ground. Robert is suing for $100,000. He says he never got his SIM card back, and lost 5,000 priceless photos and videos, including ones of his travels and shots of his grandma’s 100th birthday party. He says he also lost money because he lost business contacts. Get more here.

Jimmy Kimmel Will Be Kelly Ripa’s First Guest Co-Host

Kelly Ripa will begin searching for her next co-host on Monday, May 16th, and her first guest host will be Jimmy Kimmel. Of course, he’s probably not looking to join the show permanently since, you know, he’s already got a gig. By the way, on yesterday’s show Kelly said that Michael Strahan’s last day would be on Friday, May 13th, and they’d be celebrating him with a special show. The crowd booed , and one person shouted, “We still love you, Kelly.” Kelly kind of laughed and said, quote, “Oh thanks . . . no, I’m still here!” Get more here.

“Sesame Street” Doesn’t Want Bert and Ernie In Ads About STDs

Mately is a company that makes at-home HIV/STD testing kits, and apparently they thought they could get away with using Bert and Ernie from “Sesame Street” in an ad campaign. The ad showed Bert and Ernie looking at some papers, with Bert saying, quote, “See Ernie, you’ve got nothing to worry about, everything is positive!” And a caption at the bottom said, “Help us take STD testing out of the Stone Age.” Obviously, “Sesame Street” isn’t cool with this. A rep says, quote, “The ad is an unauthorized, unlicensed use of our characters.” Mately got the message, and has removed the ad from their site. However, they do still have one up featuring a photo of Donald Trump and the words, “Trying to pick my favorite Republican candidate is like deciding which STD would be just right for me.” Get more here.

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