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Beyoncé’s Fans Take on Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is in hot water again, this time with Beyoncé’s fans. One location had a sign out front saying, quote, “Lemonade fresher than Beyoncé’s.” And another had this sign: “Sorry Beyoncé, our lemonade is better!!” Her fans didn’t like that, and attacked Chick-fil-A on social media, the comments section is full of bees and lemons. But it’s hard to hate on Chick-fil-Am, because it’s delicious. Eventually, there were more and more posts saying things like: “I can’t lie, Chick-fil-A’s lemonade is GOOD as [eff]!!!” and “I’m [a Beyoncé fan], but Chick-fil-A is really good. Y’all trippin’.” Get more here.

Iran Thinks Kim Kardashian is a Secret Agent Sent to Corrupt Women and Children

A lot of people think that Kim Kardashian has had an adverse effect on morality. But is that her prime directive? Iran thinks so. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard exists to protect the country and its culture from outside influence. And they say they’re under direct, deliberate attack from Kim. But she’s not working alone. She takes her orders from Instagram. Yes, Instagram has an evil plan to corrupt Iran’s women and children, so they enlisted Kim to undermine their Islamic lifestyle with her immoral selfies. Without a hint of irony or sarcasm, one official said, quote, “We are taking this very seriously.” “People” magazine asked Kim about it in Cannes, France, and she said, quote, “I just landed and came here [from the airport]. I have not heard that one. Thanks for the heads-up.” While all of this seems like a joke, the Revolutionary Guard has already arrested dozens of people for what they consider immoral and un-Islamic activity on social media. Get more here.

Was Chris Brown Was Kicked Off a Private Jet for Hotboxing It?

TMZ is reporting the Chris Brown and his entourage were kicked off a private jet for smoking marijuana. The posted Snapchat videos of what they say is his crew documenting the entire thing. Watching these, it seems pretty undeniable:

They claim the smoke was so thick the pilot had to open all the doors and air the jet out. But Chris takes issue with these reports, and posted a video of him denying that they were kicked off, and explaining what actually happened:

So there you have it, they learned their lesson about smoking on planes, and the pilot is coke fiend! Get more here.

Jillian Michaels is Feuding with Her Neighbor Over Dogs

Jillian Michaels has been fighting with her neighbor for months because of the neighbors dogs. Jillian says the dogs charge her fence, antagonize her dogs, and scare the children and horses. She called animal control and they visited the property last month, but since there was no break in the fence, or sign of damage, there’s nothing they could do. Get more here.

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