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Adele Forgot Her Own Lyrics

Opps! It happens to every artist at some point, they either forget the lyrics or sing the wrong ones. This happened to Adele last night during her concert:

WARNING: Clip contains profanity! 

We don’t hold it against her, neither did the crowd, everyone laughed. Anything Adele does is so charming! Get more here. And check out her trippy new video for Send My Love:

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are Getting Divorced

This seems like it came completely out of nowhere, but Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are getting divorced. She filed on Monday. Incidentally, that was just three days after Johnny’s mother died. TMZ is reporting that Johnny’s family hated Amber, and were very open about it. Johnny’s mother accused Amber of using Johnny to boost her own career, and supposedly called her a “terrible person.” They were only married for 15 months, they got hitched last February. She’s asking for spousal support, and he asked the judge to deny that request. They didn’t have a prenup. Johnny is 52, Amber is 30. This was Johnny’s second marriage. He was married to a makeup artist from 1983 to 1985. Then he was engaged to Jennifer Grey, Sherilynn Fenn, and Winona Ryder. That was followed by a four-year relationship with Kate Moss. Then came his 14-year relationship with model Vanessa Paradis. They have two kids together. Get more here.

There’s no word if Johnny and Amber broke up over the chaos that erupted when they illegally smuggled their two dogs into Australia, which resulted in their ridiculously awkward and insincere apology video. Johnny still isn’t letting that go, by the way. On “Kimmel” Monday night, he suggested that the Australian deputy prime minister who made such a case out of the dogs looks like he was, quote, “inbred with a tomato.” No word on who gets custody of the dogs Pistol and Boo. Get more here.

Chris Brown Wins Big in Custody Case

Nia Guzman, mother of Chris Brown’s baby Royalty, has been fighting hard to take down Chris n court. She claimed Chris has gang affiliations, and is an unfit parent and that he needed supervised visits. She also asked that his time with Royalty be severely cut back. But wait, there’s more! She’s asking for a bump in child support, from $2500 a month to $16,000 a month, just a bit more. Well the judge wasn’t having it, and Chris will keep the same custody deal they have now, he gets Royalty 12 days a month. Chris may have to pay up though, the child support issue is still ongoing. Get more here.

Dustin “Screech” Diamond is Back in Jail After Violating His Parole

Last week we reported on Dustin Diamond’s release, and interview with Mario Lopez. Well it didn’t take long, Dustin is back in jail. If you remember, he was originally sentenced to 3 months in prison after “stabbing” a man in a bar on Christmas in 2014. Dustin’s parole agent felt that he had violated the terms of his parole, and an arrest warrant was issued. There’s no details as to what Dustin actually did, but he was taken into a Wisconsin jail on Wednesday. Get more here.


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