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An Arsonist Failed to Set Fire to the Kardashian Boutique DASH

Last night, a man’s patience with the Kardashians ran out! He couldn’t handle the Kardashian saturation anymore! So he thought about how to get to them, how could he hurt them somehow? Oh that’s right, the Kardashians own the boutique DASH! I’ll set it on fire! It’s foolproof! Only, this arsonist wasn’t very good. Maybe it was his first fire, maybe he needed more practice. He lit a weighted rag on fire, threw it through the window of the boutique and ran! Witnesses saw the whole thing go down and called police. However, the rag didn’t start a fire. It just burned out on the floor without incident. The man does not have a future in arson, however, he does have police searching for him. Get more here.

Hugh Hefner’s Neighbor Just Bought the Playboy Mansion

Earlier this year, we heard that Hugh Hefner had the Playboy Mansion on the market for $200 million and even with that price tag, the buyer would have to agree to let Hef stay there until he died. And now, it’s been sold. A guy named Daren Metropoulos bought it for a price that’s “in the nine digits.” He knows Hef, because he bought a neighboring estate from him for $18 million back in 2009. And once Hef passes away, he’ll connect the two properties. Daren’s family is loaded. The family business has purchased and revived several brands, including Bumble Bee tuna, Chef Boyardee, Pam cooking spray, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Hostess, which means that yes, they saved the Twinkie! And true to form, Daren wants to preserve the heritage of the Playboy Mansion. Get more here.

John Oliver Broke Oprah’s Record with a $15 Million Giveaway

Back in 2004, Oprah set the record for the biggest giveaway on TV when she gave everyone in her audience a free car. Or at least a car that would only cost you about $7,000 after the taxes and fees were accounted for. There were 276 people in that audience, and the giveaway had a total value of just under $8 million. Well, John Oliver trumped her on “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday. Not only did he nearly double Oprah’s giveaway, but his didn’t come with a tax hit. He was doing a bit on the unregulated debt-buying business, and to prove a point about how easy it is to start a shady debt-buying company, he spent $50 to set up one for himself. He then bought nearly $15 million worth of medical debt from Texas for $60,000, which gave him access to 9,000 people’s personal information, including names, home addresses, and social security numbers. Then he just forgave it. He said, quote, “On one hand, it’s obviously the right thing to do, but much more importantly we’d be staging the largest one-time giveaway in television show history.” Get more here.


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