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Snoop’s Bad First Pitch

Snoop Dogg might want to stick with football, or his day job, which alternates between rap and marijuana. He threw out the first pitch at the San Diego Padres game yesterday, and it was terrible. Not as bad as 50 Cent’s two years ago, but it was bad enough to almost take out a few cameramen at the backstop behind the catcher. By the way, Snoop got high after the game before he performed. And we know because he posted a video on Instagram of himself in a V.I.P. tent smoking a blunt. Get more here.

Beyoncé Sneezed in Concert, and People Are Losing Their Minds

Here’s how insane people are about Beyoncé these days: During her show in New York City on Tuesday, she had to take a moment to sneeze before starting “Love on Top” and for some reason, fans are losing their minds. Of course, there are the obvious references to “Partition”, which contains the lyric, “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker.” But there are also people who genuinely thought this was, like, some kind of moment.

Get more here. Speaking of Beyoncé, “Lemonade” just became her sixth million-selling album, and a guy is suing her, claiming her trailer for her HBO special ripped off one of his short films. Get more about that here.

68-Year-Old Scottish Woman is the New Vine Superstar

Bette Reynolds is 68-years-young, and she’s skyrocketing to vine stardom! Bette’s son Stewart thought it would be funny to have his mom rap some Dizzy lyrics. People loved it, so she started her own Vine page and puts up videos of her reciting rap lyrics in her thick Scottish accent. You’ve got to hear it for yourself, check it out:

Get more here.

Bristol Palin Married her Ex-Fiance Dakota Meyer

Sarah Palin’s 25-year-old daughter Bristol, is married. Bristol became the center of controversy when the, then teenager, announced her pregnancy during her mothers bid for Vice President. She was engaged to her baby’s father for a while, but called the wedding off. Bristol laid low for a while, until she announced her engagement to Dakota Meyer, a former Marine and Medal of Honor receipt. Things seemed to be going well for Bristol, until, just days before her wedding, they called the whole thing off, and Bristol announced she was pregnant again. Rumors were flying that the reason they called it off was because Dakota wasn’t the father, but he was. Fast forward to today, when Dakota posted this:

If you look closely, you’ll see that not only is Bristol wearing her engagement ring, but also a wedding band. The two made the official announcement to ET saying: “Life is full of ups and downs but in the end, you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be, we are so happy to share with loved ones the wonderful news that we got married!” Get more here.

Maria Sharapova Is Banned from Tennis for Two Years

Yesterday, Maria Sharapova was banned from playing professional tennis for two years. Back in March, she tested positive for a banned substance, and she owned up to it right away. It’s a medication called meldonium, and she’d been taking it for 10 years for a magnesium deficiency, an irregular EKG, and a family history of diabetes. But it hasn’t been approved by the FDA, and it was added to the banned list this year, because it can also help increase an athlete’s endurance. Maria claims she didn’t see the emails notifying her of the rule change. That’s a little fishy, and so is the fact that she was only taking it on days that she had a match, and hadn’t told her new doctor she was on it. But the International Tennis Federation could not prove that she knowingly cheated, otherwise the ban would’ve been closer to four years. In any event, Maria is appealing the suspension because she thinks it’s, quote, “unfairly harsh.” She’s 29, and was supposedly close to retiring before this, so a two-year ban might end her career. Here’s her full response. Get more here.

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