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Kocktails With Khloe Has Been Canceled

After just 14 episodes, FYI has cancelled the talk show. They released a statement saying “Kocktails with Khloé will end its run on Wednesday, April 20. FYI and Pilgrim Media Group appreciate everyone’s great work on the series and are pleased that the show brought new viewers and significant numbers to FYI’s linear and digital platforms. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Khloé and thank her for her hard work and unique voice that she brought to the series.” The last show will feature Kim, Kanye, John Legend, and Crissy Teigen. Here’s a clip of the show where Khloe addresses the Blac Chyna rumors:

Farewell Kocktails with Khloe, we hardly knew you. Get more here.

Kesha Has Lost Another Court Battle Against Dr. Luke

Kesha has lost another court battle against Dr. Luke. A judge in New York refused to issue an emergency order yesterday to release her from her record deal with Sony. She claims Luke has drugged, raped, and emotionally abused her. But the judge said the alleged abuse happened outside of New York, and outside the statute of limitations. She also dismissed Kesha’s human-rights and hate-crime allegations against Luke. She said Kesha was being unreasonable in not agreeing to Sony’s offer to simply work with a different producer. Over the weekend, Kesha said that Sony did offer to let her go, but she’d have to retract her rape allegations and apologize to Luke. She wasn’t interested. Get more here.

Charlie Sheen is Being Investigated for Threatening His Ex

Last week, the “National Enquirer” revealed that it has a recording of Charlie Sheen threatening to have his ex-fiancée Brett Rossi killed, because she’s suing him for assault, battery, and HIV exposure. On the tape, Charlie says that what Brett did is punishable by death, and that he’d like to pay $20,000 to have her, quote, “head kicked in.” Well, the cops aren’t just blowing this off as Charlie’s usual brand of crazy. The LAPD’s threat management unit is investigating him. They even obtained a search warrant for a particular property, we’re assuming Charlie’s house, where they suspect they’ll find evidence of criminal activity. Charlie’s people haven’t commented in the investigation, but they’ve said Rossi is lying, and her lawsuit is just revenge for Charlie breaking off their engagement and cutting her off financially. Get more here.

Flavor Flav Owns The Infamous O.J. Statue

Back in 1999 a radio host bought the statue at auction for over $3k and gave it Flavor Flav as a gift. Flav says he tired to give the statue to O.J. himself, but O.J. declined. He figured the courts would take it away again, so Flav kept it. If you’re watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson on FX, you’ve seen a replica of the statue several times. Flav says if they’d just asked he would have let them use the real deal. Who would have though Flavor Flav would end up with the statue, weird. Get more here.

Sean Penn has Joined the Cast of the Angry Birds Movie

Sean Penn be playing a gigantic red bird that speaks only in growls, in the upcoming Angry Birds movie. But to say he’s voicing a character is a bit of a stretch, since that growl could be anyone. But that’s Sean Penn’s growl, and it probably cost them a pretty penny. Here’s a clip of Terence, Sean’s character:

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