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Rihanna Sent Pizza to Fans Who Waited in the Rain for Her Show

Fans who wanted to see Rihanna’s show in Manchester, England yesterday had to stand in line for hours, in the rain. And while she didn’t offer to share her umbrella with them, she did send 20 boxes of pizza and towels so people could dry off. An unofficial Twitter account for her Anti World Tour posted a picture. And one fan said, quote, “It was sent with a message from Rihanna, apologizing for the weather.” Get more here.

Louis Tomlinson Says His Ex Won’t Let Him See His Baby

Even before the birth of Freddie Rain, Louis and his ex, Briana Jungwirth, were fighting over him. Louis set Briana up in a million dollar home, and he’s paying $15,000 a month in child support. He seems to genuinly want to be involved in his son’s life, but that’s not how Briana sees it. They had no court ordered arangment, perfering to be civil and hoping none would be needed. However, Louis says Briana is inconsistant, and isn’t letting Louis spend enough time with Freddie. He is now seeking joint custody, at 50/50 time spent with each parent. Bringing the issue to court will also affect the child support. A judge will now chose the amount, it could be more than $15,000, but it will more likely be less. Get more here.

Pharrell on “Sesame Street”, and Usher’s Anti-Trump Shirts

Pharrell just happened to be kickin’ it down on “Sesame Street” the other day, and he ended up jamming with Elmo and Cookie Monster. They sang that hot new track all the kids are digging, “B is for Book”. It’s all about how books can take you to another world. And it’s adorable, check it out:


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