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Justin Bieber Fell Again, and Used It As An Inspirational Moment

Justin was preformingin Jacksonville Florida, when he got a little too into it. While he’s singing “Sorry” the stage is wet, intentionally, and the dancers spash around. Justin is supposed to be careful and stear clear of the water, for the most part. But this time, he started splashing around with them. And down he went:

Justin wasn’t hurt, and he wasn’t mad, instead he used the moment as an opportunity to dish out some his infinite wisdom: “Life’s about taking falls and life’s about getting back up!” he said, then he got up and kept singing. Check it out:

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Iggy Azalea Caught Nick Young Cheating on Surveillance Video

There’s a rumor going around that Iggy Azalea broke up with Nick Young because he impregnated an ex-girlfriend, who he already has a kid with. But if that’s the case, it’s news to Iggy. She Tweeted:

She doesn’t seem to doubt it though, because she didn’t even find out about Nick cheating from him either.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Nick was caught on camera, there was that video back in March where he was caught talking to a Lakers teammate about his infidelity. Nick hasn’t commented on Iggy’s Tweets. But we’re probably going to be hearing from his baby mama Keonna Green. Her lawyer has been telling people, quote, “Due to an exclusive deal with another media outlet, [we] cannot comment on the validity of any of the [allegations].” Get more here.

Lindsay Lohan Says She Doesn’t Have Any Regrets . . . “Per Se”

Lindsay Lohan was a successful, in-demand child star until about 10 years ago when things started going south, and suddenly her career was in a nosedive. She was partying a lot, and had a reputation of being impossible to work with because she was unreliable, acted like a diva, was struggling with alcohol and drug use, was in and out of rehab, and had mounting legal problems. Well, Lindsay turns 30 tomorrow, and she says she’s turned the page. She claims she’s sober, and she’s hoping to get her career back on track. In a new interview with “Vanity Fair”, she was asked if she had any regrets, and she said, quote, “I wouldn’t call things regrets, per se. I can’t turn back time . . . but if I could, I’d have listened more to my mother and gone back home to New York City earlier in life and chosen my friends more wisely.” In 2007, Lindsay was hanging out with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and soon after that, she started dating Samantha Ronson. She says she’d warn the younger version of herself not to go too fast, and make sure the people you surround yourself with have “honest intentions.” Get more here.

Apple May Be Buying Tidal

Apparently Apple is in talks to acquire Tidal from Jay Z. It’s unclear how much they might pay for it, but it has about three million subscribers, and he bought it last year for $56 million. Get more here.

Nancy Grace Is Leaving Her HLN Show After 12 Years

Nancy Grace announced yesterday that she’s leaving her show on HLN after 12 years. She put out a statement saying she’s proud of the work she’s done creating a, quote, “unparalleled platform that gave crime victims a voice.” But it sounds like she won’t be gone for long, because she’s planning to “continue [her] fight for justice.” And apparently she already has a new show in the works. We don’t know which network it’ll be on, but she wants it to have a bigger ‘digital component’ to attract younger viewers. And her contract with HLN isn’t up until the fall, so she’s not going anywhere quite yet. The last episode airs October 13th. Get more here.

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