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Are Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Just Pulling a Prank on Us?

There’s a conspiracy theory floating around the Web claiming that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are just pulling a prank on us. As in, they’re not really together, it’s all an elaborate hoax that will culminate in a “Lemonade” style video that’ll blast the media for its obsession with her love life. And I have to say that if this is true, I lay my golden fiddle on the ground at Taylor’s feet, because she had us all fooled. Here’s the supposed evidence: They’re jet-setting all over the globe, pretty much making sure they’re being seen. They met each other’s parents almost immediately, once again right out in the open for all to see. There are even allegations that the paparazzi who have been following them around the world are from the same agency. In other words, they’re on the payroll. And you have to admit, it’s pretty amazing how they’ve been able to capture every move Taylor and Tom make. Then there was the 4th of July party, and Tom’s insanely sappy “I [heart] T.S.” t-shirt and fake heart tattoo. I mean, what guy does that? Not to mention the fact that this is all playing out like a parody of her media-created image as a “boy-crazy serial dater.” Especially when she’s zooming forward at breakneck speed with Tom just two weeks after getting out of a serious relationship with Calvin Harris. There are even those who think Taylor’s entire 4th of July party was part of it. When you think about all those things together, it kinda does start to sound like we’ve been had. Maybe Taylor Swift really is better than the rest of us. Get more here.

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Patrick Stewart Sings Cowboy Classics for Charity

Patrick Stewart released a fake commercial where he’s pretending to be a British country singer named Cowboy Pat. He’s hawking a set of “Cowboy Classics” he recorded, like “Don’t Fence Me In”, “Ringo”, and “I’m an Old Cowhand”. This is all about charity. When you hit up the link you’re told the CDs are “sold out” but you can buy the sampler now. That’ll get you five songs for $10. (Here’s the link.) Proceeds go to the International Rescue Committee. Get more here.

Jonah Hill Has Done a Bizzare Reebok Promo

Johan is announcing the latest Palace / Reebok collaboration, and they made the announcement in the weirdest, and funniest video promo ever. The sneakers go on sale Saturday, July 9. Just watch:

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“The Warriors” Is Being Turned Into a TV Series

One of the greatest ’70s action flicks of all time is being made into a TV drama. And I’m talking about “The Warriors”!!! It’s going to be a one-hour series for Paramount TV and Hulu. It’s being adapted by Joe and Anthony Russo, the brothers who did the last two “Captain America” movies. And they’re doing the next two “Avengers” movies, “Infinity Wars” 1 and 2. It’ll be interesting to see how they make “The Warriors” into a series. Obviously, they’ll ramp up the sex and violence, because that’s what we do these days. The 1979 original was about a gang, called The Warriors, obviously, who are framed for murder and have to fight their way across New York to their home turf in Coney Island, while every other gang is trying to take them out. Here’s the original trailer:

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