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Kim Kardashian Shared a Snap Baby Saint on “Soul Food Sunday”

Kim & Kanye had guests over last night, for what they call Soul Food Sunday! And that sounds delicious. It also looks delicious. We’re not convinced that Kim actually prepared all this food herself, but if she did, props to her! They had a few celeb friends over to share in the deliciousness, including Kevin Hart and Terrance Jay.


Kim also took the oppurtunity to share a sweet little video of herself, and the rarely seen, Saint West. People were more impressed with this little cutie than the food:


A video posted by Kim Kardashian Snapchats (@kimmysnapchats) on

We’ll give Kim & Kanye credit, they make some adorable kids. Get more here.

Khloe Gives Lamar The Boot – From the $25k a Month Home She Rented For Him

You can’t say that Khloe hasn’t done absolutlely everything in her power to help Lamar, but it appears that it’s not enough. Lamar has been living in a $25,000 a month house that Khloe set him up with after his near fatal overdose in 2015. She put the breaks on her own life to take care of her estranged husband, even withdrawing her divorce request. Since October of last year, Khloe has been caring for her estranged ex, and rehab was part of that deal. But according to TMZ, a Kardashian family memeber found a crack pipe in the home. That was the final straw for Khloe and she kicked Lamar to the curb. He’s apparently floating from couch to couch on the kindness of his friends. Get more here.

Adele Sent Someone 70 Miles for a Pizza, Then Fell Asleep Before it Got There

This isn’t the most obnoxious thing a celebrity’s ever done, but it’s definitely not something you or I could get away with: Adele was staying at a country retreat with her boyfriend and their son, Angelo, and they were hungry for pizza. But not just ANY pizza. Pizza from a specific shop near London, 70 miles away. And it was 11:00 P.M. So one of the employees had to make the 140-mile round trip for the pizza. For some reason, it took four hours, and by the time the pizza arrived, Adele had already gone to sleep. A source said, quote, “It was still in the box when the maid came next morning.” Ouch. Get more here.

The Spice Girls are Reuniting! … Partially

Tell me what you want, what you really, really, want! A Spice Girls reunion?! Wish granted! Or at least, partially granted. On July 8, the 20th anniversary of the epic Spice Girls anthem “Wannabe,” 3 of the 5 Spice Girls announced they’ll be reuniting to say thank you to the fans.

Jamie Foxx Joined Demi Lovato Onstage for a Rendition of “Georgia on My Mind”

Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas are on their Future Now tour (psst… they’ll be stopping in SLC Aug. 11). While in Brooklyn last night, Demi brought up an unexpected guest, Jamie Foxx! We didn’t even know they were friends! He sat at the piano and started playing Ray Charles’ “Georgia on My Mind”, Demi joined him and the duet was fantastic, check it out:

Jamie won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles in 2004, and that’s why! Get more here.

Snoop Was on Celebrity Family Fued

Snoop was up against Sugar Ray Leonard, and the question was straight outta Snoops wheelhouse: “Name something grandma would do if she caught grandpa smoking Marijuana.” Check out the exchange:

Get more here.

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