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Taylor Swift Knew About Kanye’s “Famous” Lyrics Ahead of Time; But Not the Part Where He Called Her the B-word

Kim Kardashian just tried to bust Taylor Swift. She posted a series of clips on Snapchat where Kanye talks to Taylor about the line in “Famous” that mentions her, before it came out. There’s a clip of Taylor helping Kanye refine the lyric. She also calls it, quote, “very tongue in cheek” and even a compliment.


And there are two clips where Taylor says she’ll tell the press she knew about it. There are even several clips where she says how cool it was of him to give her the heads up, and thanks him for doing it.


But Taylor is not happy about the videos. She says she didn’t know about the line Kanye added, where he says he, quote, “made that [b-word] famous.” The videos Kim posted don’t show them discussing that. So Taylor responded last night in a post captioned “That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.”

“Being falsely painted as a liar when I was never given the full story or played any part of the song is character assassination. I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of, since 2009.” Ouch. Get more here.

Justin Bieber Flipped Out Because a Fan Throwing a Hat “Messed Up the Moment”

Justin Bieber was performing in Atlantic City on Friday, when some fan tossed something onstage while he was talking in-between songs. It was apparently a hat, and it threw him off his game. He said, quote, “Take this moment to listen . . . and try not to give me a hat or whatever you’re trying to throw onto the stage right now, because I probably don’t want that [crap].” The crowd cheered, and Justin said, quote, “Sorry that was mean. But . . . I lost what I was going to say. I was deep into, like, a mode and a zone. I was . . . I was in it. Now I’m out of it. I’ll get it back. Just give me a second.”

A little while later, he apologized again, and got the show back on track. Quote, “Sorry for throwing your hat, but you ruined the moment. Whatever, let’s do it.” Get more here.

Lady Gaga Was Pulled Over Just Two Weeks After Getting Her Drivers License

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about how the 30 year old Gaga finally passed the drivers test and got her license! Well she’s already been pulled over. The reason? She didn’t have the plates for her F-150 SVT Lightning truck, yet. Now she did have the standard temporary operating permit in the window, however, police in California are still able to pull people over with temp tags. They’re easily forged, and as long as drivers can provide proof of ownership, they’re released without being ticketed. Obviously Lady Gaga had proof of ownership, and she wasn’t ticketed. Get more here.

Stephen Colbert Kicked Out of RNC Before It Even Started

Stephen Colbert showed up at the RNC before it kicked off, in full costume. He dressed as Caesar Flickerman, and if you’re a Hunger Games fan, you know that’s the flamboient TV host of the Hunger Games. He approached the podium and announced the begining of the “2016 Republican hungry for power games!” He was escorted out by security, but not before getting a good jab at Donald Trump in, watch:

Get more here.

Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy Got Into an On-Air Fight

Tara Reid was on Jenny McCarthy’s satellite radio show on Friday to talk about “Sharknado 4” and things escalated quickly. It started when Jenny mentioned Tara’s appearance on “Marriage Boot Camp”. She said she loved the show, but Tara didn’t want to talk about it. Jenny tried to press on, and Tara said, quote, “Babe, I asked you, please let’s not talk about this show. We’re all here about ‘Sharknado’.” Then Jenny asked her about her bad plastic surgeries, and Tara went silent for a few seconds, before snapping that she’d, quote, “made it clear about 100 times” that she was done with surgery. Then Tara tried to end the interview by saying, quote, “It was really nice talking to you and really good luck with your show.” Jenny replied, quote, “Good luck to you, too, and I’m so excited about ‘Sharknado’ and I hope you stay married. I hope your knees get a little wobblier than they already are.” Tara said, quote, “I hope you stay married too. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. I hope your [boobs] get even nicer, because they’re amazing. The same guy who did mine, right? I’ll always use your advice. You’re the best. Bye.” After Tara cut out, Jenny got in one more jab . . . quote, “Love you, Tara. Good luck with ‘Sharknado 18’.” Here’s the audio, but be advised: It’s full of profanity!

Get more here.

Michael Jackson Fell in Love with Emma Watson When She Was 11 And Got Injections to Delay Puberty?

Dr. Conrad Murray served two years in prison for killing Michael Jackson. Now he’s got a book coming out next week. It’s called “This Is It!: The Secret lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson” and it’s got some disturbing claims. Like this: One of Murray’s so-called “revelations” is that Michael was determined to get married. To his goddaughter. Who was 12. Her name is Harriet, and she’s the daughter of Michael’s friend Mark Lester, who played the lead character in the movie “Oliver!” She’d be around 19 now. Murray says, quote, “Michael fell in love with Harriet when she was roughly five years old. Then, by age 12, he grew to become fixated on her. He wanted me to go with him to visit her father and to discuss plans for matrimony.” And his backup plan was Emma Watson from the “Harry Potter” movies. According to Murray, Michael supposedly fell in love with her when she was 11. Murray also claims Michael told him he was given hormone injections when he was 13 to delay puberty and keep his voice high. Get more here.

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