“How’d They Do That?” Movie Edition

When we see special effects in movies nowadays, we tend to think it’s all CGI. 

But there are still a few filmmakers that believe in good ol’ fashion elbow grease. Then, of course, there are some that are just too lazy to work on something more complicated. 

Twitter user David Amador took the time to point out some of the more interesting movie effects, Easter eggs, and slip-ups. I don’t know where he found the time, but I’m so glad he did. 

1) Spiderman Lunch Tray Catch


2) Instant Bread


3) Apparently Elijah Wood Wasn’t Small Enough Already


4) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Was *nuts*


5) I’m Going As a Sexy Car Seat For Halloween


6) The Force Was With This Overhead Projector


7) Disney Has Mastered the Easter Egg


8) Slappin’ Da Bass


9) Don’t Forget to Put Your Jacket on

10) Who Needs A Mirror When You have A Twin?

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