Is It Possible To Make Bruno Mars Unsexy (SPOILER: Yes)

Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I like” is, without a doubt, the sexiest song of 2016. Between the smooth beat and the suggestive lyrics, I think it’s safe to assume Bruno Mars is responsible for brining the USA from 112th to 109th on the world fertility chart. BTW, that’s a real statistic. We jumped 3 places ahead in baby making since 2016. I found it using my goggle machine for this article.

So, is it even possible to make it unsexy? Short answer: yes. Very possible. Long answer… Watch below.

Tina Fey stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday to talk about season three of her Netflix TV show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (VERY excited for that) and to talk about the “Mean Girls” broadway musical she’s writing (SO EXCITED FOR THAT. LIKE, I CAN’T EVEN).

Before her interview, she took just a moment to prove that white pants and perfect posture can make even Bruno Mars music aggressively asexual.

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