Is It Weird to Call My Boyfriend My “Fiancé” When He Hasn’t Proposed Yet?

When does a boyfriend become a fiance?

My boyfriend and I have been together almost two years, and we’ve been living with each other for a year.

We both openly talk about getting married and having a family. I know he’s proposing soon because he’s working with a ring designer.

When I talk about him to other people, I always call him my “fiancé” . . . even though he hasn’t even proposed yet.

I talked to a friend about it yesterday who said it’s “weird” to call him that since it’s not official yet.

Am I tempting fate by calling him my “fiancé” before we’re actually engaged? Is it weird . . . or have other people done it when they know they’re going to be married eventually?

Lily, 32

What do you think? If the proposal is imminent is it still weird to call someone your fiance?

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