Is This Video PROOF That Justin Still Loves Britney?

As conspiracy theories go, this one’s pretty flimsy… but it’s a fun trip, so let’s take it:

Someone claims to have located video proof that Justin Timberlake still loves Britney Spears. It’s in a clip from an interview Justin did with Anna Kendrick earlier this year to promote their animated movie “Trolls”.

Justin’s all smiles until the interviewer says the word “pinky”. She tells Anna, quote, “You star as a very cute, quirky, pinky, full of life, loving life character.”

Just when he hears that word, Justin’s face changes. He looks down, his brow furrows, his lips tighten… and he just looks sad. And it seems like it takes him a full minute to recover.

Why should the word “pinky” set Justin off? Because that was his nickname for Britney when they were dating. And she called him stinky.

You be the judge:

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