Katy Perry Hangs With Lion Cubs And People Aren’t Happy About It

Fans Are Upset And Say The Sanctuary Doesn’t Protect These Lions

“Cause I’m a champion and you’re going to hear me roar”! Katy Perry is starting to hear the roar of her fans and it’s not sounding happy. On Wednesday, the pop star was in Mexico at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation visiting and posted photos to her Instagram page. The photos have been deleted, but her story is still up (photos below).

The sanctuary claims to rescue big cats from circuses, illegal breeders, and the pet trade. Yet, there are many animal advocates that say the sanctuary is fake and exploits the animals to the public and for celebrity photo ops. It’s for these reasons that Katy Perry fans are upset at the singer.

According to Cassandra Koenen of World Animal Protection, “fake wildlife venues such as Black Jaguar White Tiger prop up this sordid entertainment industry. Don’t be duped by psuedo sanctuaries.”

Many say that if there is a chance to get a photo taken with an exotic baby animal that it is often being exploited. Experts say the babies are often bred for selfie opportunities and taken away from their mothers prematurely. These animals are often shoved into small cages when they grow too large for the photo ops. Legitimate sanctuaries do not offer opportunities for visitors to handle the baby animals.

It’s very possible Perry didn’t realize this sanctuary is not considered legitimate in the eyes of World Animal Protection.

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