Lady Gaga’s New Album “Joanne” Comes Out Next Month

We premiered Gaga’s new song “Perfect Illusion” last week and asked you to weigh in. You loved it as much as we do! And now we know more about the upcoming album.

Lady Gaga’s new album will be called “Joanne”, and it’s dedicated to her aunt Joanne, who died of lupus. Gaga didn’t even know her because she died before she was born.

She said Joanne lived with lupus, but was raped in college at the age of 19, and after that, the disease flared up so badly that she died.

Quote, “[The song ‘Joanne’] is like the real, true, heart and soul of the record, the death of her in my father’s family and in his life really left a scar and a wound that never healed.” Lady Gaga’s middle name is Joanne, in her honor.

The album is coming out on October 21st, and the cover art is a simple shot of Lady Gaga wearing a pink hat. The physical copy of the album will have Joanne’s signature, and images of her past, including photos and letters.

As for the music, it’ll be “extremely autobiographical” and there will also be a, quote, “tinge” of a country sound.


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