Luke Bryan Named Second Judge on ‘Idol,’ So Here Are A Bunch of gifs of His Hips

Well, it’s about time.

Four months after announcing the show’s return and naming Katy Perry as judge number 1, ABC’s reboot of American Idol has finally picked a second judge.

Country Music Heartthrob Luke Bryan

Beating out Lionel Richie, Bryan is the second musician chosen for the show, which has a long history of a three-judge format.

This news finally gives me a reason to post one of my favorite videos. I mean… Look at these two #BabeAlert

Now that all the facts are out of the way, let’s just look at all a bunch of gifs of his hips swinging around.

1. The Tummy Ache


2. The Giddy-Up


3. The Figure 8


4. The Sexy Pull-Ups


5. The Ants-in-My-Pants


6. The Black Swan


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