Marathon Dog Update!

You remember the story of the sweet little dog who followed Ultra Marathoner Dion Leonard? This famous pic:

The story doesn’t end there. Dion wanted to adopt the pup. He named her Gobi, after the Gobi desert where they met during his run. But getting a pup from China to Scotland is no easy feat. It’s expensive, and there are all sorts of laws, shots, permits, quarantines, etc. before a dog can move across borders. So Dion had to leave Gobi in China while he got the papers in order.

But then Gobi went missing! Dion hopped on a plane to China to find her:

Thankfully they found her!

She was so happy to see Dion again. Now she’ll go into quarantine until they verify her health, then she’ll be off to Scotland and her forever home with Dion.

Get more info and more pics of Gobi here.


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