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Recipe For A Happy Lola


1 cup    bookstores

1 cup    musical theater

3/4 cup dogs

2/3 cup romance

2 tsp     family and friends

1 tbs     baking

1 cup   working out


Step 1: To make a balanced Lola, combine equal parts of classically-filled bookstores with a night at the theater. After many hours of singing and walking dogs, rest with a cheesy romantic movie or book.


Step 2: Always enhance well-being with constant doses of family and friends including parents, brother, baby sister, amazing Grandma and friends.


Step 3: Top off with making/decorating cakes, always eating cakes, ice cream, fried chicken, mac and cheese, blue cheese burger and everything delicious.


(Note: slim down recipe with 1 cup of weights and cardio, when being overzealous with Step 3)


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