My Bartender Girlfriend Tells Customers She’s Single

When you live off tips, you do what you can to get the big bucks, but is this going too far?

My girlfriend is a bartender. She works with one my good friends, and told he me that my girlfriend tells customers that she’s single.

He says that whenever a good-looking guy asks her if she’s single, she tells them that she is. If an unattractive guy asks her, she tells them that she is married, but can’t wear a ring, because it gets in the way of her work.

My girlfriend says she does what she can to get better tips, but this sounds like this behavior goes beyond that. When I confronted her, she said she never says she’s married, only single, and that my friend is lying.

Should I be this bothered by what my girlfriend is doing? Or support her efforts to get bigger tips?

-Brett, 27

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