No FOMO | Oct. 5th, 2017

Planning on a lame weekend? Well DON’T. Our friend Kristal has all the best weekend plans with no fomo.


Harvest Moon is tonight!

Oct. 5 | 7:00 PM | Free


The 2017 harvest moon will rise just after the sun sets on October 5, appearing in the
waning light. This particular moon tends to appear massive and often takes on a reddish-orange color,
not unlike “a great pumpkin” as NSAS explains below

Around 7:00pm tonight you can check it out! Find some strong binoculars or if you’re a super
cool nerd and have a telescope you’ll get some wicked peeks at the moon tonight!


Urban Flea Market


officially, officially, for real, for real this time marking the end of summer. Outdoor markets and
festivals will be closing up. Most of them ending in the next couple weeks.
Don’t miss the Urban Flea Market! It’s last weekend of the 2017 season will be Sunday Oct 9th.

Grizzlies preseason


Grizzlies Hockey has a preseason game on Friday. Tickets are only $5 (on groupon)


Shea Coulee

The RuPaul’s Drag Race star will be at Metro Music Hall on Oct 7th. Get tix


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