People Formed a Human Chain to Save a Guy From a Burning Truck

Did you hear me talking about this during the show? AMAZING! The strength of the human spirit, and our ability to come together during times of great need, will never cease to amaze me.

The driver of an 18-wheeler lost control on a highway last Friday because of the snow, and got into a nasty crash near Bedford, Pennsylvania.

His truck went sideways . . . crashed through a guardrail . . . and ended up teetering on the side of the road. And the other side of the guardrail was a steep hill with big rocks.

There was also glass and diesel all over the road, and the truck was smoking. But around a dozen people stopped to help anyway.

They couldn’t get to him, because the front of the truck was hanging about 20 feet down the side of the hill. So they locked arms, and formed a human chain to get him out.

The driver of the truck that crashed hasn’t been identified, but an ambulance took him to the hospital, and he survived.

So far we haven’t seen any of the people who saved him come forward, but apparently no one else was injured.

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feature image by Arlyn Satanek

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