Reputation by Taylor Swift: MJ’s Instant Review

This is my real time review of Taylor Swift’s new album:


Track 1: Ready For It


Track 2:  Endgame

This track features Future and Ed Sheeran.  Very catchy.  Assertive Taylor instead of Aggressive Taylor 

Track 3:    I Did Something Bad

“Death Trap” chorus.  Super progressive for Taylor.  I like it, all artists have to evolve and she is still killing it.  


Track 4:  Don’t Blame Me

Has a sneaky 80s feel to it, but is still very 2017 production.  And of course comparing the feeling of love (or infatuation disguised as love) to a drug is on scientifically solid ground, so it works.

Except for the all Taylor voice bridge.  That parts a little weird.


Track 5:   Delicate

I don’t know which man made the mistake of calling something or someone “delicate” in his relationship with Taylor Swift.  But this track seems aimed at him.  It’s also a super smooth listen.


(At this point I’m wondering if the entire album will be #1s)


Track 7:  So It Goes

Kinda boring to me.  First one that I’ve really lost interest in.


Track 8:  Gorgeous

It’s been out already.  I like it.  A lot.


Track 9:  Getaway Car

Another broken relationship.  Or maybe it’s the same relationship, who can say??  Either way I’m starting to feel sorry for Taylor.  Not a radio song, but an okay album cut.  Weird chord change at about 2:20 in is really tough.


Track 10:  King Of My Heart

I’m starting to think it’s a good thing Taylor is getting all of this out. I mean therapy or a good friend could help you deal with all this Taylor, but we’re all happy to share in it!

But on this one she seems to have found a keeper!  Very cool percussion and airy-feeling vocoder vocals.


Track 11:  Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Ahhhh…here’s The Chainsmokers “mid tempo EDM” influence.  How could you Jack Antonoff?!?!??  Oh no wait, this is a Max Martin track… no wonder it is so catchy and singable though…


Track 12:  Dress

I hope she didn’t spend too much on the dress.  


Track 13:  This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Well she’s back to being mad.  I’m thinking this entire album might be chronological in one or a series of relationships.  Of course that could be most albums ever made.

Anyways, I’m still just glad she is getting it out of her soul.


Track 14:  Call It What You Want

Also already out as a “grat” track.  Meaning a free-ish track released before the album dropped.  


Track 15:  New Year’s Day

She ends the album with a musical walk of shame.  Ending her “reputation” with the memory of her party. 


Well done Taylor!  Sounds like a great work of progression from one of the biggest artists on the planet!!

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