Saturday Morning Serial – Body Snatcher Carl Tanzler

Saturday Morning Serial is a weekly bonus episode to The Mix Morning Fix in which Jackson tells Jon and Monroe a true crime story. Though it is not explicit, we do discuss murder and other violent crimes. This episode may not be suitable for young listeners.

This week, we discuss the strange case of Carl Tanzler who snatched the body of a young woman out of her grave and kept her in his house for 7 years. Scroll down to see photos from the case.


Photos & Sources:

Carl Tanzler (Von Cosel) C 1940. By Florida Keys–Public Libraries (photo source)


Maria Elena “Helen” Milagro de Hoyos (1909–1931) (photo source)


WARNING: The following photos contain graphic content. Proceed with caution.


Hoyos’ Body after being kept in Tanzler’s house for 7 years (photo source)


Tanzler stuffed glass eyes into her eye sockets and slowly replaced her decaying skin with strips of silk (photo source)


After her autopsy, Hoyos’ body was on display and viewed by nearly 7,000 people (photo source)


Web Sources:

Something Very Wicked

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