Stupid Is, Stupid Does

illegal pharmaceutical pills and drugs money on mirror

A Woman Passed Out With Lots of Drugs Told Cops They’re For Her Stripping Injuries

A police officer in Key Largo, Florida was on patrol on Monday night, when he saw a woman passed out in a running car. She had one breast hanging out of her shirt, her skirt was hiked up, and she had all sorts of drugs with her, so he tapped on the window to wake her up. The woman was 23-year-old Kayla Gregg, and once she was awake, the cop asked her why she had cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone, amphetamines, AND morphine on her. And she told him she uses the drugs to treat her sore back, because she’s a stripper. Apparently that’s not a good enough excuse to have a bunch of drugs, so she was arrested for six different counts of possession. Get the full story here.

Theives Get Caught Trying to Return Stolen Tail Gates to Collect the Reward 

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested three suspects in a rash of truck tailgate thefts after they said one of the suspects tried to return a tail gate to a victim to claim a reward. Deputies said they recovered some of the stolen tailgates from a buyer in Orange City who is not facing charges. The thieves allegedly stole nine tailgates in Deltona and more in the Orlando area to get money for drugs. The buyer refused a tailgate stolen from the owner of a club in Sanford because it was marked with the club’s name. That’s when deputies said one of the three saw the victim post a reward for his tailgate on Facebook and called him, telling him they found it. The victim paid the reward but called deputies, who located the trio and the vehicle they were driving around in during the alleged thefts. Get the full story here.

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