Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Busted for Counterfeiting Told Cops Obama Had Made it Legal to Print Your Own Money

A 45-year-old woman named Pamela Downs was busted on Sunday for using counterfeit money in Kingsport, Tennessee. She tried to pay for something at a store using a $5 bill printed on two pieces of computer paper that were glued together and falling apart. The cashier called the cops, and they found another counterfeit bill in Pamela’s purse.  That one was a hundred dollar bill, but the back of it was printed upside down, and the whole thing was in black-and-white. They also found a receipt from Walmart for a printer, and she admitted she bought it to make counterfeit bills, but only because she thought it was legal now. Apparently Pamela is that friend who falls for every fake news story on Facebook.  She said she read a story online that President Obama was letting people on a fixed income print their own money. A website called “The Skunk” posted an article in 2009 with the title, “Obama Wants Citizens to Print Their Own Money”.  Their tagline is “Tasteless American Satire for the Ill-Informed.”  But apparently Pamela missed that part. Cops found between $30,000 and $50,000 in fake bills at her apartment, along with scissors and glue.  She’s charged with criminal simulation and counterfeiting. Get more here.

Man Gets Away with Robbery Then Flags Down Cops to Tell Them He Didn’t Do It

Palm Beach, FL, police officers pulled up to the scene of a home invasion, Antonio Smith flagged them down. According to arrest reports, he just wanted them to know that he didn’t do it. But police didn’t buy it especially after they said they found on him the stolen property belonging to the homeowner who called 911. Smith, 35, was arrested Monday. Police were called out to look for the suspect, but didn’t have to go far, according to the report. They soon found Smith, who was wearing a red hat when he flagged down the officer. Officers found one of the victim’s cell phones on Smith when they took him in for questioning. He was charged with home invasion and grand theft. Get more here.

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