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A Thief Is Facing a Felony Charge For Stealing Ramen

Ramen noodles might be the cheapest food you can buy, at any store, anywhere in the country.  If you pay more than like 79 cents for them, you’ve been ripped off.  In other words, they’re really not worth stealing. A guy named Gabriel Janis bought a cup of Ramen noodles from a convenience store in Rapid City, South Dakota around 2:30 A.M. on Monday.  Then he heated them up in the microwave, and went outside to eat them. But while he was enjoying his noodles, a 27-year-old guy named Lariat Sonny Comes walked up, demanded them, and threatened to hit Gabriel with a chain if he didn’t give up the Ramen.  So Gabriel handed them over. The cops arrested Lariat about a block away, he was eating the noodles and still had the chain on him. And now he’s facing a felony charge of second-degree robbery. Get more here.

Thieves Steal ATM Machine, But It Falls Out Of Van

Snohomish County authorities say two thieves suspected of stealing an ATM machine from a business made it as far as the parking lot, but the machine fell out of the getaway van. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Shari Ireton said Monday that deputies have recovered the ATM machine. They believe two men backed up a white van to a business near Lynnwood at around 11 a.m. Sunday, cut the cables to the ATM and loaded it in to the van. Deputies believe the machine fell out of the van when the men drove too fast over a speed bump. The suspects drove away without it. Deputies found the van idling Monday morning. It had been reported stolen from Kent. The van was impounded so deputies could look for evidence. Get more here.


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