Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Sued His New Wife When He Saw Her Without Makeup

A man in Algiers, Algeria recently got married. And the very next day, he saw his new wife without makeup for the first time. He said she looked so different that he didn’t recognize her, and mistook her for, quote, “a thief who came to [rob] his apartment.” When he realized it was her, he was so mad that he decided to sue her. He wants $20,000 in damages.  Because he says she tricked him into marrying her by wearing makeup, and the whole thing has led to, quote, “psychological suffering.” Get more here.

Heber Man Posed as a Waiter to Steal Credit Card

A man was posing as a waiter at The Sidetrack Cafe in Heber when he took a customer’s credit card and went on a shopping spree. “She just thought it was somebody who worked there,” Heber City Police said. Fifty-four-year-old David Skiby is facing two counts of fraudulent use of a credit card, each third-degree felonies. Restaurant owner Janine McKenty said the man has been trying to get a job at her restaurant for months, but she refused to hire him. “And then, he came around here another time and just ordered water and started mooching cigarettes from customers,” she said. “And I just told him, ‘you can’t be here, you just can’t be here,’ and asked him to leave.”  For some reason, the woman left the restaurant without her credit card and did not report it missing to police until the next day. Get more here.


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