Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Thief Leaves Personal Paperwork at the Subway he Robbed

A group of burglars have stolen coin dispensers from several Wasatch Front Subways.  According to Melissa Kelsey, a store manager in Murray.  “[He just created] nonchalant conversation…He kept going in and out, in and out, in and out, and then finally, when [store employees] went back [to the food prep area]… he grabbed it and ran out the door!” Kelsey was just pulling up at the time and says she watched the white Ford pickup the Murray suspect allegedly hopped into speed away. Then, she found some evidence employees say the middle-aged man forgot to take with him.  “He left a stack of papers that were stapled together on the table. It had a bill of sale to a truck…” Kelsey said. “It had listed his name, his address, his phone number,” she explained. Surveillance cameras caught a younger-looking suspect committing the same crime in Rose Park.  “Maybe they’re having different [people] do it at different places so [the suspects] don’t get connected, I don’t know,” Kelsey said. Murray Police say they don’t either. “We don’t know [the bill of sale] is the suspect’s paperwork for sure. There’s just more investigation ongoing,” Murray Police Officer Kenny Bass said. Get more here.

Car Thief Rams Police Car, Leaves a Trail that Leads Cops Right to Her

A police officer in Kearns was conducting routine patrol in an unmarked vehicle ran the license plate of a Honda Accord and discovered it had been reported as stolen. The officer called for backup and the officers then blocked the Honda in an attempt to box it in and prevent the driver from fleeing. But the woman who was driving “accelerated in the stolen car forward and rammed his police car and pushed it out of the way so she could flee,” Unified Police Lt. Lex Bell said. After fleeing the scene, Bell said the Honda hit another vehicle, the Honda had also suffered significant damage. “When it hit the police car, the front end of the stolen vehicle was heavily damaged, bumper hanging loose and fluids leaking out of the vehicle. So it was leaving a trail,” Bell said. Police followed that trail of fluid and car parts to where they saw the vehicle had been abandoned. Officers searched the area and quickly arrested the suspects. Felicia Ann Losoy, 25, the alleged driver, was arrested for investigation of aggravated assault on a police officer, hit and run, fleeing and various traffic offenses. Andrellita Alcon, 25, and Marcelo Atencio, 27, were arrested for investigation of fleeing. Alcon and Losoy originally provided false surnames to officers, according to police. A large machete still in its case was also recovered. Get more here.

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