Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Men Sneak Into Brooklyn Sewers Looking for Treasure

A worker for the city’s Department of Environmental Protection and two fellow treasure-hunters were arrested on trespassing and other charges early Thursday after residents in a Brooklyn neighborhood saw three men allegedly prying a cover off a manhole around 9:30pm Wednesday, then two of the men disappearing down into the sewers. They were trying to use metal detectors to find “treasure” people had flushed or lost down the drain, an NYPD spokesman said. Cops nabbed 21-year-old Marquise Evans—a part-time worker with the DEP—on the street. The fumes were too overpowering for police to go after his alleged cohorts; Damion Nieves, 35, and 45-year-old David Hannibal emerged “sludged-covered” and without treasure just after midnight. “God knows what they were looking for,” NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton told reporters. “I know damn sure I wouldn’t be crawling through the sewers of New York.” The commissioner says there wasn’t much that could have been done to prevent the determined men from infiltrating the ick. “We’re not going to weld [the manhole covers] all shut, any idiot [who] wants to crawl below the streets unfortunately can do it by prying.” The covers can weigh as much as 195 pounds. Get more here.

Woman Kicked Off Plane in SLC for Refusing to Put Her Dog in Pet Carrier

An irate woman on board a United Express flight from Salt Lake City to Chicago who refused to put her small dog in a carrier after it had allegedly been growling and snapping at the flight crew was kicked off the plane. Police were called to forcibly eject the woman, who was allegedly asked by staff to put the dog into the its carrier, and refused. YouTube user ‘Mr. Adownie’ filmed the incident after the flight was forced to return to the gate. “Her dog had been growling and snapping at the crew. She refused to put it in a carrier calling flight attendant ‘A b****’. Bad idea, lady. We returned to the gate. The police were waiting. She was oblivious.” The officer tells the woman, who is not named, that the captain was requesting she get off the flight and takes her dog with her. The officer then reaches down to collect the dog and the woman to yells out in anger. “This is my dog and I’m going to sue this country,” she yells. A spokesperson for United Airlines said flight 6227 returned to the gate after a passenger refused to comply with safety rules regarding in-flight transportation of pets. “The passenger was removed by local law enforcement, and the flight continued to Chicago.” Get more here.


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