Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Starts Fire Claims She Was “Looking For Her Cigarette”

Amber Barlow, 32, was booked into the Salt Lake County Metro Jail on an arson charge. According to police, Amber was initially wrestled to the ground by a security guard and held for arriving police officers. She told officers she had been looking to scavenge a used cigarette from the ground, and accidentally set the hay on fire while using her lighter for pre-dawn illumination. Witnesses told a different story, they told police the woman had deliberately moved along the trailer, lighting the hay every 5-8 feet. It took crews about 45 minutes to put out the fire, which spread to a second of four trailer-loads of hay, apparently placed near the 7800 S. State Street station as a sound barrier for ongoing construction work. Get more here.

A Guy Robs a McDonald’s, Then Gets Caught When He Goes Back a Few Days Later

43-year-old John Gampa broke into a McDonald’s in Cape Coral, Florida last week. He wore a mask and gloves, so the cops really didn’t have too much to go on. Until he decided to give them a GIGANTIC assist. John decided to go BACK to that same McDonald’s a few days later. As he was going through the drive thru, he started asking the employees a bunch of questions about the burglary. That made them suspicious, so they took down his license plate. The cops tracked him down at his house, confirmed he WAS the burglar, and he took off running. They tased him, tackled him, and arrested him. He’s been charged with burglary. Get more here.

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