Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Leads Police On Chase, Does a Taunting Dance Before Being Arrested

A woman in Los Angeles led police on a chase across the city. Police had tired to pull her over because she was driving erratically, but she didn’t stop. When the officer ran her plates, they learned the car was stolen. They followed her for several miles, throwing down spike strips, but she just kept going. Eventually the car stopped, at which point the woman got out of the car and started dancing. She appeared to be smiling as she taunted the police. Then she got back in the car, as officers swarmed. She was pulled out of the drivers seat, subdued and handcuffed. She’s facing charges of felony evading and driving a stolen car. Get more here.

A Burglar Is Scared Off When a Random Woman Crashes Her Car Into the Apartment He’s Robbing

This is the best kind of crime fighting: Accidental crime fighting! A woman in Olympia, Washington was at her disabled friend’s apartment last week, helping her get ready for bed. But when she was driving away, she accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. So her car jumped the curb, and she plowed right into the building, and smashed into an apartment on the first floor. But when the cops came to check it out, they found something much stranger than the car in the wall. The bedroom window in the apartment was open, the screen was in the bushes, the blinds were destroyed, and the doors were unlocked. Apparently there was a BURGLAR in there at the time, and he got scared and ran off when the woman crashed through the wall. The cops are trying to track him down, but they don’t have a ton of leads. No one was hurt in the crash, and they wound up not giving the woman a ticket. Get more here.

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