Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Called 911 About a Unicorn With a Knife Chasing a Man in a Graveyard . . . and Wasn’t Lying?

A guy in Victoria, Canada called 911 on Sunday night, and reported a unicorn, with a knife, chasing a guy around a cemetery. Suuuure. But even though that sounds like what a crazy person would report, the police went to the cemetery to check it out. And believe it or not, the guy wasn’t lying. The cops found a guy wearing a unicorn mask with a big hunting knife, chasing another guy around. It turns out they were just trying to make a funny video. So they’re not facing any charges. Get more here.

A Woman Who Huffed Canned Air at Walmart Gets Frostbite on Her Face

A woman named Melissa Ann Wright went into a Walmart in Olathe, Kansas last Wednesday night, grabbed some industrial strength canned air that you use to clean computers . . . and started huffing it. But that stuff is really not safe to inhale. It can shut down your lungs and kidneys and it can cause instant frostbite on your face and down your throat. And from Melissa’s mugshot, it’s pretty clear that’s exactly what happened. Her mouth, chin, and neck look like they’ve all been badly burned. But she managed to survive, and now she’s facing charges for stealing the air and for huffing it. Get more here.


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