Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Arrested for Cruelty After His Dog Tested Positive for Meth

Marty Allen Rogers of Talmo, GA has been arrested on drug and animal cruelty charges after police said his terrier mix, “Little Guy,” inadvertently took meth. According to police, Rogers took his dog into a animal hospital because the dog was “extremely nervous,” “panting and restless,” and “constantly” pacing. Veterinarian Kevin Chapman conducted tests that determined “Little Guy” had tested positive for Methamphetamien. “Little Guy” most likely ate the meth at his master’s house. Thankfully “Little Guy” has fully recovered, and has been put up for adoption after being confiscated him from Rogers. Rogers was charged with with cruelty to animals, multiple counts of possession of narcotics, and theft by receiving stolen property, and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. Get more here.

Man Sent Nude Selfies To His HR Manager

23-year-old man from Aurora, IL was looking for a job. He scored and interview and the company liked him enough to offer him a job. Then something happened, he “accidently” sent naked selfies to the HR manager. She received two naked pictures from the man via text between Aug. 11 and 13 and reported the incident to Police. The man, who’s name wasn’t released, claims that it was a mistake and that he had meant to send the nude photos to someone else. Whether they bought his story or not, he still lost his job offer. The woman didn’t press charges, which is why we don’t know the man’s name. Get more here.

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