Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Choses to Save His Ribs, Then His Kids From a Fire

Robert Wright was BBQing at 3:00 am for some reason, when he spotted flames coming from the apartment next door. So he did what any red blooded American would do… Made sure the ribs were safe, then rescued his family. This interview will go down in history along side Kimberly Wilkins “Ain’t nobody got time for that” and Antoine Dodson’s “Hide yo kids” Get more here.

2 People Break into a Boat & Eat Fast Food, While the Owners Sleep

Police in Connecticut have charged two people they say broke into a boat at a marina to enjoy a fast food meal and take some selfies while a family of five slept on board. Police say the family was awoken at about 2 a.m. Sunday by the flash from a camera. One family member confronted the intruders, and they ran away. Police found a receipt inside a bag of still warm fast food and used the receipt to track down 20-year-old Julia Armijo, of Weston, and 23-year-old Renny Isaac, of Ridgefield. They face charges including breach of peace and criminal trespass. Armijo told police that neither she nor Isaac had ever been on a boat and only wanted to take some pictures. Get more here.


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