Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Bank Robber Tells Cashier to Put Money Into His Personal Account

Paul Neaverson, 61, walked in to a bank in the U.K. and held a knife to the cashier’s neck. The cashier managed to hit the panic button. Neaverson ran, to the closest bank, an HSBC just 400ft away, and tried to hold up that bank too. However he was caught out when he asked the clerk to transfer the money in to his own bank account. He did it because apparently, he needed money to book a flight for a job interview as a golf coach.  Danny Moore, defending, told the court that his client has never been in trouble before and described his attempt to rob the banks as ‘ridiculous’. He said: ‘It was ridiculous. It only had one ending and here it is. He has led a law-abiding life and now finds himself staring down the barrel of a very long sentence indeed.’ Neaverson, of Rainham, Kent, pleaded guilty to two attempted robberies and possession of a blade. He will serve 2 years in jail. Get more here.

Man Breaks into Homes, Helps Himself to Pizza and Naps

24-year-old Milor Michel headed to the Florida Atlantic University campus and went into into some homes uninvited, helping himself to pizza from the refrigerator. When a man walked out of his bedroom at about 3 a.m.  and found Milor sitting on the couch eating pizza. He ordered him to leave, and he did. Then he went into another house a few blocks away and drank orange juice before falling asleep on a couch. There, a woman told officers she arrived at home to find Michel sleeping on a second-floor couch. He told her he was student at Palm Beach State College and then left.  The woman and other residents told officers they did not know Michel and did give him permission to sleep in the residence. Officers spotted the man walking though the campus, he carried a worn notebook and told the officer he was studying. Michel was arrested on separate burglary charges and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. He was being held without bail. Get more here.

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