Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Taped 2 Lottery Tickets Together and Tried to Claim $20,000

Ardella Newman, of Virginia, claimed she purchased a $2 scratch-off ticket worth $20,000. However, Virginia Lottery officials told her there had been a mistake and the ticket was issued in error. So she filed a complaint with the Virginia Lottery, lottery officials concluded that there were actually two different issues with both that ticket and a previous ticket Ardella had tried to cash. She was actually trying to cash two separate tickets, the lower portion of one ticket and the top portion of another ticket. There was second case involving Newman was not reported in the media, the lottery said, and once again involved two tickets. This time Newman had claimed them to be worth a prize of $52. Ardella admitted to a Lottery investigator that she taped the two tickets together, which is a felony. Get more here.

A Woman Was Injured at a Barbecue Festival When She Got Hit with Flying Brisket

Don’t mess with another man’s meat when he’s grilling. The third day of the Kentucky State Barbecue Festival was in Danville, Kentucky on Sunday, about 30 miles south of Lexington. And a 42-year-old named Mike Owings was working as a “barbecue pit master” which is an awesome title. But at some point, Mike and another pit master got into an argument over a smoker they were supposed to be sharing. And the fight ended with Mike grabbing the other guy’s huge beef brisket, taking it off the grill, and throwing it. Unfortunately Mike has a decent arm. Because the brisket ended up flying through the air, and hitting a woman in the head. Which sounds funny, but she suffered burns to her head, neck, and shoulders. Police say the meat was between 200 and 250 degrees when it hit her. Mike is facing charges for second-degree wanton endangerment. Get more here.



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