Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Arsonist Accidentally Lights Himself on Fire

Kieran Crampton, 23-year-old, of Radcliffe UK was mad at his former employer.  Jason and Samantha Webster gave Kieran a job at J&S Conservatories and Doors. After Kieran left the company on bad terms, it is understood he argued with the Websters and this sparked two other incidents of anti-social behavior outside their home resolved by police informally. Kieran had been drinking and decided to buy a can of gas before walking more than a mile to the Websters home. He poured the gasoline all over their van, and lit it on fire, accidentally igniting himself in the process. The whole incident was caught on camera, and Kieran was easily identifiable. The fire caused the van to explode twice, waking the neigborhood and endangering the surrounding homes. Kieran appeared at Bolton Crown Court last week where he was jailed for 40 months after admitting one count of arson and he was also ordered to pay $1600.00 costs. Get more here.

91-Year-Old Man Pulls a Gun on Landscapers Over Grass Clippings

A 91-year-old Florida man shot at landscapers for getting grass clippings on his vehicle. Landscaper Robert Hendrix was working at a home, when he accidentally got grass clippings on Max Horton’s vehicle. Max started arguing with Robert, pulled out a gun, and ordered him to get on his knees. Max told Robert he was going to kill him. At the same time, fellow landscaper Johnny Barnes made a move towards Max . He fired off one round from the handgun at Robert then turned his attention to Johnny. At this point, Robert was able to get up and disarm Max. Robert and Johnny tackled Max and held him until the deputies arrived. Max had minor injuries when tackled and was taken to Highlands Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room for treatment. Max could not be taken to Florida Hospital because he had previously made verbal threats to staff members there. Max was booked for Attempted First Degree Murder. Get more here.

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