Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Painted “Officer” on His Car, Arrested For Impersonating An Officer

Tampa, FL – police were on the lookout for the car after someone said it appeared suspicious. They tracked it down to James Garfield’s house. He let an officer look in his car. It was complete with a light bar across the top, a mounted radar speed gun, a video camera, and the outside was painted with “officer” and a gold star. He also had a bulletproof vest and badge complete with belt badge holder. He told officers he operates a security firm but could not get his security officer license because of an arrest for filing a false crime report. James is charged with impersonating a police officer and driving with a suspended license. Get more here.

A Couple Hired a House Sitter, and He Put Their Apartment on Airbnb

There’s a website called, where you can hire someone to watch your place while you’re gone. And with that name, you’d THINK they’d do a pretty good background check on their employees. A couple in San Francisco hired someone on last month, before they went to the Burning Man festival in Nevada. And the guy’s profile said he was a, quote, “very caring person” who would treat their house like it was his own. And once they were gone, he did treat it like it was his place, by renting it out for the week to someone on Airbnb. And hotel rooms in San Francisco are insane, so he was able to charge $400 a night for five nights, and made a total of $2,000. But he ended up getting caught because of a crazy coincidence. It turned out the people he rented it to happened to be friends with the couple who owned it. And naturally they told them what was going on. According to the couple, a few things went missing, and the guy also moved a lot of their stuff around, including their life-sized cardboard cutout of Niall Horan from One Direction. Yes, we’re talking about two adults here.  They can’t file charges because they gave him the keys. But they are planning to sue. The best part is they could have avoided the whole thing if they’d just gotten in touch with their friends, and asked them to housesit.Get more here.

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