Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Dumb Thieves Incriminated Themselves on Judge Judy In Just 26 Seconds

This happened back in 2010, but it’s just now gaining the viral attention it deserves! The case involved a girl claiming these two guys stole her wallet. Judge Judy asked her what was in wallet and she talked about replacing all her IDs, credit cards, gift cards, and then she mentions an earpiece… Well that just pushed the “innocent” guys over the edge! Why? They claim there was no earpiece in the wallet! However, saying that proved that they took the wallet in the first place. Not surprisingly Judge Judy found in favor of the plaintiff, and ordered the two to pay up. Get more here.

A Man on Meth Tries to Save His Neighbor From Imaginary Mexicans, Accidently Shoots Himself

51-year-old Martin Eugene Hoyer of Wenatchee, Washington went on a meth binge a few weeks ago. And during the second day of the binge, he hallucinated that, quote, “Mexicans in the trees” were getting ready to attack him and his female neighbor. So he decided to step up and defend her. He grabbed his gun, shoved it in his waistband, and tried to break in to her place to take on the imaginary Mexicans. But when he lifted his leg to kick in the door, his gun went off, and he shot himself in the crotch. The neighbor heard the gunshot, then heard Martin say, quote, “Ow.” That’s about the only understated thing he did in this entire chain of events. He was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. He’s been charged with assault, harassment, and unlawful possession of a firearm. Get more here.


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